Support Policies

Customer Support Service


Unless otherwise stated, these Services Support Policies apply to services support for all ElasticBox software products. “Customer” refers to the individual or entity that has ordered services support from ElasticBox. To receive services support as described in these ElasticBox Services Support Policies, all ElasticBox software must be properly licensed.

Services support for ElasticBox services consists of operational assistance and technical support provided by ElasticBox, in its reasonable judgment, during the term of support procured by Customer. ElasticBox will supply its software licensees who have enrolled in support with upgrades that are made generally available by ElasticBox, together with any additional related Documentation.

Support Terms

ElasticBox support is offered for generally available ElasticBox software unless ElasticBox specifically designates that software as not eligible for support or the software is licensed by ElasticBox on an “as is” basis without warranties. Customer is only eligible to receive ElasticBox support if Customer remains current on all applicable licensing and support fees due and payable to ElasticBox and are otherwise compliant with Customer’s applicable contractual obligations to ElasticBox. ElasticBox currently makes, and at ElasticBox's discretion ElasticBox may make, other fee-based tiers of support or support offerings available that provide specific, customized, and/or more comprehensive forms of enhanced support.

Technical support will be performed in a timely and professional manner by qualified support engineers. ElasticBox support generally includes:

  • Direct access to technical support and the ability to open and manage support incidents via
  • 24x7 support for Priority 1 incidents, except during ElasticBox holidays (available upon request).
  • Support during Normal Working Hours for Priority 2 and 3 incidents.
  • Interactive remote diagnostic support allowing technical support engineers to troubleshoot an incident securely through a real-time browser-based remote control feature.
  • Upgrades for the ElasticBox software if and when ElasticBox makes them generally available. Any ElasticBox software so provided is subject to the same usage limitations and restrictions as the ElasticBox software originally licensed to Customer by ElasticBox.
Supported Service

ElasticBox Support is provided for:

(a) The latest version or release of the Service and/or Software made generally available by ElasticBox.
(b) At ElasticBox's sole discretion, ElasticBox support may be provided for one previous version or release (i.e. "GA-1") for an ElasticBox Service or Software that has not reached end of service.

Notifications of Support

Notifications of whether ElasticBox will provide ElasticBox Support for a GA-1 software product may be provided to Customer by email, and/or by ElasticBox posting such notifications on their website at

Extended Support

ElasticBox extended support for ElasticBox software products, releases and/or versions which have been officially retired and have reached their end of service or end of life may be made available at ElasticBox's discretion through customized, fee-based ElasticBox support offerings.

Support Service Levels

ElasticBox will use reasonable efforts to meet the service level objectives stated in the table below with regard to remedial software support and will provide ongoing efforts to resolve Priority 1 support incidents. Due to the complexities of technical environments, the table represents an estimate of response times only and actual response times may vary.

The different types of support requests can be further categorized in the following priority levels:

Priority Definition Availability* Service Actions


Critical business impact. Total outage or an outage having an impact on a Customer, affecting the majority of users or major applications.

24 hours / 7 days

Response Time: 3 hours
Status Report: 6 hours


Significant business impact. Problem affecting a small user group or functionality. Operations can continue in a restricted fashion, although long-term productivity might be adversely affected. A temporary workaround is available.

7 a.m.-7 p.m. Mon.-Thurs.
7 a.m.-5p.m. Friday

Response Time: 4 hours
Status Report: 6 hours


Moderate business impact. Partial, non-critical loss of functionality of the ElasticBox Platform. There is a medium-to-low impact on the customer’s business. Questions to know more about the product, a feature or a capability.

7 a.m.-7 p.m. Mon.-Thurs.
7 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday

Response Time: 4 hours
Status Report: 6 hours


Minimal impact to customer activities, indicating a minor issue or configuration change in the platform is required. Features requests are Priority 4.

7 a.m.-7 p.m. Mon.-Thurs.
7 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday

Provided on completion of service

*All times are Pacific Standard Time, and available days exclude U.S. holidays. For service requested outside of specified hours, requests shall be initiated on the next business day.

To provide a high level support, ElasticBox maintains at all times sufficient staff who are fully trained and qualified to perform support and maintenance services with respect to the technical aspects of the platform. All support tickets should be sent to support@elasticbox.

On receiving a ticket, ElasticBox personnel are immediately notified and the support agent contacts the user to confirm reception of the request and start the support workflow.

The support team is available 24x7 to provide support for priority 1 issues as per service level guidelines below.

Customer Obligations

Customer agrees to provide ElasticBox with all information and materials requested by ElasticBox for use in replicating, diagnosing and correcting an error or other problem with the Service reported by Customer.

Customer acknowledges that ElasticBox's ability to provide satisfactory support services is dependent on ElasticBox having the information necessary to replicate the reported problem with the service. In reporting an error to ElasticBox, Customer will send a complete and accurate error report (an "Error Report") that includes:

(a) Customer name and on-site technical contact information; (b) version and maintenance release level of the service; (c) platform and version on which the service is running; (d) a reasonably detailed description of the error, together with any supporting information that Customer's engineers believe will assist ElasticBox in its diagnostic process; (e) any error message(s) or other message(s) generated by the system in association with the error; (f) any applicable trace files and/or error logs; (g) a test case or instructions necessary to demonstrate the error; (h) identification of any additional information (such as dumps, logs, etc.) that are, or can be made, available; and (i) the date and time that the error report is submitted to ElasticBox. Customer acknowledges that any update or upgrade provided by ElasticBox may be necessary to the proper operation of the solution and therefore Customer agrees to promptly install all updates or upgrades made available by ElasticBox to ensure that Customer's version of the solution remains supported.

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