Adaptive Cloud Application Delivery

Deploy 5x faster, lower infrastructure costs by 50% and increase team efficiency by 35%

Automate Application Deployment

Reduce provisioning time

Deploy instances in minutes, not weeks. Configure and reuse across dev, QA, staging, production environments. Custom launch environments with repeated precision using box bindings and parameterized variables.

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ElasticBox Provisioning Time
Use existing tools and clouds

No need to train in new tools. Leverage existing configuration from Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Docker, CloudFormation, and more. Or configure in Bash and Powershell. Orchestrate provisioning on any cloud like AWS, vSphere, Azure, Google Cloud among others.

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Use Existing Tools and Clouds
Auto update environments

Reduce error-prone, manual processes by managing configuration changes over time in boxes. Use semantic versioning with automatic updates to safely push security patches automatically across your virtual server fleet.

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Auto Update Environments

Self-service environments from box catalogs

Launch environments on demand

Give developers and QA fast-track access to custom-configured test, staging, and production environments in public or private clouds, pre-approved by the cloud operations team.

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Enforce IT policies and usage

Save $$$ in monthly hosting by enforcing best practices in deployment policies. Configure infrastructure metadata for compute, virtual networks, firewall security, persistent storage, and more. Enforce usage quotas by team or project and report on consumption across clouds.

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Achieve full CI/CD with ElasticBox Jenkins Plugin

Reduce development lead-time and ship code up to 30 times faster
ElasticBox Jenkins Plugin
30x Faster Deployments
Offload repetitive tasks

Automate builds through the plugin app lifecycle flow. Avoid writing scripts manually with repeatable box-defined automation. Save over 100 hours of manual overhead per month.

Delight your customers

Close the feedback loop with your customers with fast and frequent deploys. Deploy daily to respond quickly to security issues, bug fixes, and patch releases.

Integrate end-to-end

Plug in your preferred version control system like GitHub and automate deploy code end-to-end on test, staging, and production environments.

Reduce silos with DevOps collaboration

Role-based access control

Secure environments through role-based access and share specialized knowledge in common workspaces. Collaborate on instances, boxes, or workspaces to improve workload automation.

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Easy troubleshooting

Troubleshoot environments easily in the lifecycle editor as all scripts and logs are in one place. Track who changed what during the application lifecycle and maintain a complete audit change history.

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