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Software is the competitive differentiator in the modern enterprise. Increase and sustain rapid application delivery to establish your enterprise as a market leader.

The Enterprise Application Lifecycle Is Broken


Deploying applications slowly? Friction in moving apps from dev to production?


Applications and infrastructure decentralized? Knowledge in silos?


Want to make tasks repeatable and reusable? Unwieldy production upgrades?


Hard to maintain policy and support innovation? Uncontrolled shadow IT?

See how ElasticBox can help

Align IT Operations and Developers

Deploy applications 5-10x faster by finding the balance between control and speed that suits your team. Increase visibility, collaboration and communication among teams. Enable continuous application delivery on any cloud. Empower developers to self-service infrastructure, while providing control to IT Ops.
IT Ops

Enable Innovation with Control

  • Reduce direct support of individual developers, 35-48% resource savings
  • Control costs, maximize use of infrastructure with full visibility
  • Increase compliance with policies & reporting
  • Save time with easy troubleshooting in lifecycle editor, audit change history

Deliver Applications Faster

  • Transform your favorite development tools into reusable components
  • Enable continuous integration for rapid application development
  • Take advantage of a catalog of on-demand cloud applications
  • Collaborate in real-time on applications and infrastructure

Outpace your Competition

  • Reduce number & frequency of failed builds
  • Mitigate shadow IT & rogue cloud strategies
  • Increase team efficiency with consistency and reusability
  • Greater cost control cost with visibility and quota control
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Enterprise Grade Features

Enable DevOps practices while maintaining stability through integration with corporate IT policies and governance.
Access Control

Balancing policy control with innovation is not easy. ElasticBox gives you the tools to define roles and permissions in accordance with your organizational structure and policies.

  • Integration with Active Directory, LDAP, and SAML.
  • Admin control panel to manage users and environments.
  • Logs and auditing capabilities with history of user and resource access.
ElasticBox Access Control

Organize your teams and development resources. With ElasticBox Workspaces, you can define environments for development teams enabling collaboration and shared access to resource pools and services.

  • Project Workspaces containing shared Boxes, deployment profiles, and cloud services.
  • Access policies for those Boxes and cloud resources set for individuals and teams.
  • Application development workflows established for development, test, QA, and production deployment.
ElasticBox Workspaces

Getting Started with ElasticBox is Easy

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Platform to rapidly define and deliver applications on any cloud and collaborate in real-time.

  • Leverage Boxes provided by ElasticBox and our community
  • Collaborate on Boxes and instances in real-time
  • Simplify and accelerate application delivery
  • Enable consistent multi-cloud deployments and workload mobility


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For companies that want to develop, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud efficiently. ElasticBox provides a secure, stable, and supported enterprise solution.

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  • Public, private and true hybrid cloud deployments with ease
  • Organize large-scale teams, platforms and IT assets
  • Enable DevOps agility while maintaining stability by enforcing policies and access controls
  • Leverage your private cloud IT investments using the ElasticBox virtual Appliance
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"ElasticBox has provided us with the technology that we had been looking for, but had never found a great solution. With ElasticBox we are able to both create custom Boxes as well as leverage their preconfigured Boxes to deploy our internal applications, which allows us to focus on innovation instead of orchestration."

VP of IT Operations, Netflix

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"ElasticBox seems to be scratching the right enterprise application development and deployment itches when it takes on infrastructure management, allowing developers, productivity teams, lines of business and other divisions to focus on their applications and their jobs."

Jay Lyman, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Software

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