ElasticBox Video Tutorials

How to deploy any application using ElasticBox

Get started with deploying any application in minutes. This video shows how to quickly deploy a sample WordPress blog.

Large-scale continuous deployments to hybrid clouds

ElasticBox integrates microservice automation, configuration management, and many tools for single click deployments. This demo shows continuous deployment of a multi-tier Node.js application to hybrid clouds.

Connecting Your AWS Account in ElasticBox

You need to first connect your cloud account to be able to deploy workloads from ElasticBox. Here we show how to connect to your AWS account.

How to Install the Virtual Appliance on OpenStack

Follow along the short how-to on installing the ElasticBox virtual appliance in OpenStack.

Launch slave build environments in any cloud with Jenkins and ElasticBox

Ease your pain of setting up build environments for every cloud and every project. Automate builds using Jenkins slaves powered by ElasticBox.

Monitor and report on cloud costs from ElasticBox

Enable cloud reporting for your enterprise to optimize cloud costs and avoid VM sprawl. Catch trends, set custom pricing, and assign chargebacks for cost center budgets.