As an administrator for ElasticBox, you get special privileges. You can access to ElasticBox like any other regular user. On top of that, you get an overview of everything users do in your organization. You get to set it up for them to use and control all assets they create in ElasticBox.

The Admin Console is the interface where you manage and control settings for your organization.


  1. After you log in to ElasticBox.

  2. Access to the context switcher menu, located in the top left navigation bar.

    Access to the context switcher menu
  3. Click on Organizations tab.

    Click on Organizations

    From here, you can get to the Admin Console in two different ways:

    • Clicking on the edit/pencil button, located in the top right of the organization card.
    Access the Admin Console clicking on the Edit/pencil button
    • Once you select the Organization scope, you will have access to the Settings tab in the principal navigation menu.

      Access the Admin Console clicking on settings

The console allows you to set up organization wide configurations.

The console is where you set up your organization for everyone to use. This includes things like enabling sign-in options, turning on access to cloud providers, tagging instances users launch, integrating to custom IPAM or CMDB solutions using webhooks, and configuring admin boxes.