Give Admin Access to ElasticBox

When you sign up for the ElasticBox Enterprise Edition, you get a default administrator account that lets you globally manage settings for all ElasticBox users in your organization. Besides the default account, you can give any ElasticBox user administrator access through the admin console under Organization > Administrators.

To give admin access

  1. Log in to ElasticBox as the default administrator.

  2. Access to the menu located in the top left, open it and click on Organizations.

    Click on Organizations
  3. Once you are in the Organization scope, you will have access to the Settings tab in the principal navigation menu.

    Access the Admin Console from Organizations
  4. Under Organization > Administrators, type the user’s name in the search field and select to add them.

    Give Users Administrator Privileges

To revoke administrator privileges for a user, click X against their name under Organization > Administrators.

Administrators can manage several org-wide settings that include user authentication, the ElasticBox appliance, provider access, admin boxes, webhooks, and instance tags. To get a good idea of things you can do, see Overview.