Installing the Virtual Appliance in OpenStack

ElasticBox can run as a virtual appliance in your OpenStack private cloud in Grizzly or Havana. Here are the requirements, high-level steps, and a video that shows how to install the appliance.

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OpenStack requirements

ElasticBox requires the following OpenStack services:

  • Identity Service (Keystone)
  • Compute (Nova)
  • Image (Glance)
  • Networking (Nova-net or Neutron). This is optional.
  • Block storage (Cinder). Optional, unless you want to add volume storage to the ElasticBox appliance VM.

Installing the Appliance in OpenStack

Follow the video for detailed help.


  1. Create a flavor with these attributes:
    • 2 VCPUs
    • 2048 MB RAM
    • 100 GB root disk
  2. Create an image of the appliance. Under Image Location, paste the appliance image download link you got from support. The appliance image is in QCOW2 compressed format.
  3. Launch an instance of ElasticBox from the appliance image and flavor.