Configuring the Appliance Network Settings

Once up and running, configure how the appliance connects to the network. By default, it tries to get a dynamic IP address via DHCP. But we recommend that you set a static IP address with these steps so that ElasticBox services are always available at the same address to users.


  1. Locate the VM console where you installed the appliance in vCenter or OpenStack.

    Open the Appliance Console
  2. In the Advanced Menu, select Networking > Static IP.

    Select Static IP from the Appliance Console Networking Menu
  3. Enter settings based on your network configuration to set up a static IP address for the appliance. When done, press Apply.

    Select Static IP from the Appliance Console Networking Menu
    • IP Address. Unique IPv4 address the appliance needs to connect to the network.
    • Netmask. Subnet mask or address of nearest local area network, for example,
    • Default Gateway. Enter the subnet router’s IP address. This is similar to the IP address except for the last digit.
    • Name Server. Enter the preferred and alternate DNS server addresses in each name server field.
  4. Reboot the appliance to apply the configuration changes. In the appliance console, press Advanced Menu > Reboot.