Using Rackspace

If you deploy workloads to Rackspace Cloud, avoid configuring servers manually and get them running exactly the way you want consistently each time using ElasticBox. You can automatically provision or de-provision and run a sequence of commands and workflows to manage modules and applications remotely from ElasticBox. For more information, learn how ElasticBox can solve your DevOps use cases.

In Rackspace Cloud, we manage your workloads on Linux servers, and provision and orchestrate deployments through the open source OpenStack Nova Python client.

In this article:

Register Rackspace Cloud in ElasticBox

You require an account on Rackspace Cloud to allow ElasticBox to execute commands and provision servers on your behalf with your credentials. We send the credentials to the Rackspace Cloud Identity Service to authenticate.


  1. In ElasticBox, on the Providers page, click New Provider.

  2. Select Rackspace and enter the credentials as shown.

    Enter Rackspace Credentials
    • Identity URL. This the endpoint of the Rackspace Cloud Identity API, which authenticates access and is also the entry point to any other service API.
    • Project. Enter the tenant ID available at the top of the username drop-down in the Rackspace Cloud console.
    • Username. Enter the username for a user that has full access to your Rackspace Cloud account. We need it to make API requests as this user.
    • Password. Enter the password for the user.

Deploy on Rackspace Cloud from ElasticBox

Select these deployment options when you launch a new instance to spin up a workload on a Linux server in Rackspace Cloud.


Option Description
Provider Select a Rackspace Cloud account registered in ElasticBox.


Option Description
Location Choose a region from the drop-down to place the instance: DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth), IAD (Northern Virginia), SYD (Sydney), or Hong Kong (HKG).
Image Select a desired Linux image to use as the OS on the virtual machine.
Flavor Select the amount of RAM, CPU, and local disk storage.
Keypairs Select an SSH public key you previously uploaded for the selected region in your Rackspace Cloud console. It allows SSH access to the virtual machine.
Instances Specify the number of instances to provision.


Option Description
Floating IP Pool Select a pool of floating IP addresses to allow public traffic to your instance, if you added it to your Rackspace Cloud account.