Using AWS GovCloud

AWS GovCloud is an isolated region designed to handle workloads of sensitive data. Why spin up machines and SSH into them to run workloads manually, when you can automate and deploy faster using ElasticBox?

AWS GovCloud is available only by request. Contact support to enable it for your organization.

In this article:

Connect to AWS GovCloud from ElasticBox

Access to AWS GovCloud requires a special signup process. When you have a GovCloud account, connect to it in ElasticBox with a role based ARN following the same steps as you would for a regular AWS account.

Step 1. Delegate a role for ElasticBox in your AWS GovCloud account to allow third-party API access.

Enter the following 3rd party IAM information for ElasticBox:

  • Account ID: 948203093918
  • External ID: ebx
  • Require MFA: Leave unselected

Step 2. Share the role’s Amazon Resource Name (ARN) in ElasticBox..

Deploy to AWS GovCloud from ElasticBox

Select the box where you configured a workload to run remotely and choose AWS deployment settings to launch in a VM or service in the GovCloud region.

ElasticBox provisions machines in EC2 or a VPC with deployment settings you pick. These settings include AMI, instance type, key pairs, availability zone, security groups, Elastic IP, block storage, load balancing, and auto scaling. After provisioning the VM or service, ElasticBox deploys the box scripts to install, configure, and start the workload.

Deploy to any of the services in the AWS GovCloud region.