Three Reasons Why You Should Use ElasticBox in Your CloudStack Environment


ElasticBox can help you manage application delivery on a number of different clouds. Today, let’s focus on CloudStack, the stack with the $$ behind it.

CloudStack vs. OpenStack

OpenStack gets a lot of air cover compared to CloudStack. The main reason is the strategy behind CloudStack. CloudStack’s parent company, Citrix, has executed a clear roadmap under the umbrella of the Apache Foundation. As a result, in comparison to OpenStack, its community is much smaller and the vision more targeted.

The results are more focused and, to some extent, more practical to implement. We have seen many successful implementations of CloudStack that leverage ElasticBox to fully cover all aspects of a modern IT Organization.

Why Use ElasticBox to Manage a CloudStack Deployment

  1. Avail your developers of a ready-to-use and fully-configured application service catalog.
  2. Streamline the application delivery process by bringing real-time DevOps collaboration to your organization
  3. Pave the way for a future where your applications not only work with CloudStack, but with any cloud provider you choose.

To get started, register your CloudStack in ElasticBox. You can do this with either the SaaS version or by installing the ElasticBox Virtual Appliance in your own environment.

Once registered, CloudStack will show up as an option in the deployment profile for your application.

Get started today by signing up for ElasticBox.

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