The Winners of the World’s First DevOps Hackathon


A few weeks ago, ElasticBox hosted the World First DevOps Hackathon.  A lot of cool apps came out of it, but more importantly, we had a lot of fun. The winning team is “ElasticBox Here”! Congrats to JeanCarl and Solomon! 

What is ElasticBox Here?

What if you could leave box configurations in physical locations for someone else to use in the future? ElasticBox Here allows box creators to share their box configurations with people in specific locations. For example, ElasticBox might have a talk at the DevOps Summit and release a box configuration just to the attendees at their event. Based on where you are, you can see boxes submitted by people who have been here in the past. There’s also a community bucket for anyone to contribute their box configurations for future visitors to see and use.

Future features include the option to monetize the access to box configurations, and multiple location filtering.We were able to successfully create instances through the API of the shared box configurations.

You can watch the demo video here.

ElasticBox Here Use Cases 

  • Attendees of a conference can use ElasticBox Here to find box configurations that they can install to their ElasticBox account immediately. These configurations are only available if the user is within a geofenced area defined when the configuration is shared on ElasticBox Here.
  • Sponsors can reward attendees at a session with a “limited edition” box configuration. Outsiders of the geofenced region would not be able to view and install this box configuration.
  • Education training program can allow user to use this within their class.
    Users can sell box configuration. This doubles as a marketplace

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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