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How to Deploy a Multi-Server Rails App using ElasticBox

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to deploy a Ruby on Rails app which has a database and background processing hosted across three servers in the cloud using the Free Version of ElasticBox.

Why Use ElasticBox

Recently, I joined ElasticBox as a Solutions Architect because I love the promise that ElasticBox gives a Developer, an IT Ops or DevOps engineer. ElasticBox gives you the ability to define an application once and then retain workload mobility and scalability through ElasticBox’s modular, application definition concept, a “Box“. Read More

Aladdin’s LAMP Stack: Where App Dreams Come True

What if a little genie told you that Aladdin’s magic LAMP is the stuff of app dreams. LAMP what? Well, the acronym stands for Linux the base OS, Apache the web server, MySQL the database, and PHP the scripting language respectively. It’s a popular mix of technology to build high performance websites and web applications.

Now you’re thinking what ElasticBox has to do with it. It’s simple. We help you put together a LAMP Stack environment in no time so you can be on your way to build out your application. Read More