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What biotech service Cytobank did to save $$$ and boost efficiency


Today, we are proud to highlight the success story of one of our biotech customers, Cytobank. Cytobank is a cloud biopharma service that supports research labs around the world. We spoke to Robin Lee Powell, Director of IT Operations at Cytobank who shared how they leverage ElasticBox to save on infrastructure costs and increase team efficiency. Read More

What’s hot with DevOps?

Mobile applications and media technology concept

DevOps as a movement to transform people, technology, processes for higher business value is here to stay. It’s disrupting organizational processes replacing the old with the new. Command and control IT, a historical approach to regulating tech top-down, is trending toward decentralization thanks to DevOps.

Software source control is another such case. We saw Git take on the source control bigwigs and redefine how we collaborate and build software. Now, which other areas is DevOps disrupting? Read More

60 best open source tools to do DevOps


Don’t you love free stuff? When it comes to automation, open source tools are coveted because they attract support from the developer community. So we compiled a list of the best. Take a look. Read More

Deploy Ghost in a Docker Container through ElasticBox in 6 Easy Steps


In this post we are showing you how to deploy the Ghost blogging platform in a Docker Container on any cloud using ElasticBox, digging deeper into Docker as a Service, one of the latest ElasticBox features released in ElasticBox. The following step-by-step instructions will teach you how to build a Box that will allow you to deploy an instance right away. If you haven’t already signed up for ElasticBox, create your account to get started. Read More

Docker as a Service – Announcing Docker in ElasticBox


ElasticBox is pleased to announce the integration of Docker in ElasticBox as a service that provides another means to deliver applications and services to your cloud resources. With this integration, we’re making it easier than ever for you to add Docker to your DevOps toolkit, alongside Cloudformation, Puppet, Chef, etc. Read More

Docker Meetup at ElasticBox

We’re pleased to announce that ElasticBox is hosting a Docker Meetup on Wednesday, March 5th at 6:00pm. For those who aren’t familiar with Docker, it is an open source project where application components can be isolated as portable, lightweight containers ready to run on virtually any environment.

Docker is one of the many deployment and configuration management tools that can be used in ElasticBox. On March 5th you’ll get an overview of ElasticBox and Docker, as well as get a chance to see how Docker can be used in ElasticBox to deploy applications right away.

If you’re a developer that deploys and manages cloud applications small and large, come learn more about two awesome new products that can revolutionize your workflow.

What to Expect

On March 5th, we’ll show you how to get up and running with Docker and ElasticBox in just minutes. The schedule will be as follows:

6:00 to 6:30: Social / food & drinks

6:30 to 7:00: Introduction to Docker

7:00 to 7:30 What’s new in the last release + Docker Demo

7:30 to 8:00: Advanced Q&A and lightning talks*

*Lightning talks

– How to use Docker in ElasticBox (Containers in Boxes)

– How Shippable is leveraging docker for its CI service

We’ll start with a brief overview of ElasticBox and demo some awesome new features. We’ll also highlight two examples of how you can use ElasticBox and Docker to deploy applications right away.

First we’ll be showing you how we use Docker, Apache and Github to deploy and serve a static web page on AWS. Then we’ll demonstrate how you can deploy and manage a complex multi-tiered application. Those of you who are experienced with managing complex n-tier applications will find this portion of the Meetup extremely exciting.

See You There

Initially we opened the Meetup to only 75 attendees. But due to incredible demand, we have decided to double the capacity to 150 awesome developers!

Make sure you RSVP for the Meetup before we reach capacity. We promise that this will be a great opportunity to learn about exciting new tools in the development and virtual infrastructure space.



ElasticBox HQ (at the corner of Castro Street and El Camino Real)

800 West El Camino Real, Suite #240 (2nd floor)

Mountain View, CA 94040

Free parking is available onsite – the entrance is on High School Way between Castro Street and Oak Street

When: 6pm-8pm

Expect plenty of pizza, soda, beer and awesome gear from both Docker and ElasticBox.