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Why infrastructure matters, but also doesn’t


Infrastructure is changing. It’s nearly impossible to design a product or application without carefully planning how it’ll deploy on specific infrastructure. I should know because in running a business that automates application deployments, I deal with infrastructure every day. So here’s my take on how I view infrastructure and its evolving changes. Read More

Develop on Azure using MSDN and Visual Studio

A few weeks ago, ElasticBox added support for Microsoft Azure IaaS services as a native provider. This is a great addition to the existing public cloud providers supported by ElasticBox (Amazon AWS and Google Compute Engine).

I will skip the details of all the configuration options supported by ElasticBox, as they are detailed in the documentation section. Instead I will focus here on what really got me interested for my personal use.

I have an MSDN account, which means I get Read More

Aladdin’s LAMP Stack: Where App Dreams Come True

What if a little genie told you that Aladdin’s magic LAMP is the stuff of app dreams. LAMP what? Well, the acronym stands for Linux the base OS, Apache the web server, MySQL the database, and PHP the scripting language respectively. It’s a popular mix of technology to build high performance websites and web applications.

Now you’re thinking what ElasticBox has to do with it. It’s simple. We help you put together a LAMP Stack environment in no time so you can be on your way to build out your application. Read More