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What is an Application?

The other day a colleague and I got into a heated discussion regarding the definition of an enterprise application. He contended that each server hosted 1 or more apps which combined to make an “application stack”. I on the other hand defined an app as all of the components needed to effectively provide a service, regardless of how many servers they were spread across.

It seems like a silly argument I know. You’d be right to say “Who cares as long as it works?” I mean, at the end of the day the only thing that’s important is that the business is getting the service they need right?

Right, and that’s the problem. You see, I realized then that I had the benefit of seeing the world through service assurance tinted lenses. For better or worse I spent 7 years getting more intimate than I wanted to with CMDBs, service models, SLAs, KPIs, etc.. and like the people running the NOC I now viewed the app holistically rather than as a collection of parts. My friend on the other hand hadn’t made this leap and was still thinking in terms of projects, which got me thinking…

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