See You at #Gluecon!

See You at #Gluecon!_Screen-Shot-2014-05-20-at-11.50.38-AM-300x140

This week ElasticBox will be among hundreds of developers at Gluecon in Broomfield, Colorado.

We are excited to be sponsoring this conference and are looking forward to meeting everyone! Stop by and say hi – we will be in the atrium on the lobby level.

Check out our breakout session at 1:50pm on Thursday, May 22nd during which Ramiro Berrelleza will demonstrate how ElasticBox deploys ElasticBox using ElasticBox. Not sure what that means?

Ramiro will be talking about the Continuous Deployment scenario we use for internal development purposes and how ElasticBox is used to encapsulate our Jenkins / Puppet based Continuous Deployment scenario so that it can be deployed as an instance at the click of a button.

Ramiro will also demonstrate how ElasticBox enables CI/CD, fast, repeatable deployments and the reusability of application infrastructure components to accelerate delivery of applications or features to market.

Can’t wait until the conference? Take a look at his slides. For a sneak peak of our product, click here. Want to get a feel for ElasticBox? Sign up for our free edition.

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