Stay on top of scheduled instances with notifications


I bet you save on deployment costs today with the Instance Scheduler. But did you know you can keep track of when they expire?

A couple of months ago, we introduced the Instance Scheduler that lets you set custom shutdown and termination policies in ElasticBox when launching an instance. This type of scheduling is great to test a new deployment configuration or to spin up a test or development environment for a limited timespan.

Scheduling is an effective way to control and manage resources and costs within an organization. However, there’s still a nagging question. How to know when the instances you’re working on will shut down or terminate? As a developer or operations engineer, I’d like to be notified some time before the scheduled instances that I have access to go offline or get decommissioned. Especially if I don’t have control over them, I need to ask the instance owner for more time, or prioritize work that requires those instances.

Email notification service

To address this need, ElasticBox added a feature to notify the instance owners or collaborators by email of scheduled instances that are going to expire soon. Each day, around 12 pm UTC (4 am PST), those users with instances scheduled to expire in the next 24 hours receive an email list of them.


In the email, the instances are grouped by workspace and include information to help you identify them. For each instance, we show the ID of the instance, the operation scheduled, and the time left to trigger it, besides a link to directly access the instance in ElasticBox.

Instance notifications work for the appliance too if outbound SMTP is turned on. For information on how to configure SMTP in the appliance, check out our docs.

The instance scheduler notification is just the beginning of a bigger feature that enables you to customize and personalize notifications for sharing and scheduling actions and improve the way you collaborate. Log in to ElasticBox and schedule the instances you launch today. Stay informed and benefit from lower deployment costs with ElasticBox.

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