Why We Love Working with ElasticBox – Guest Blog


Today, we are really excited to announce a partnership between RedPixie and ElasticBox to bring a new and innovative IT approach to our customers all over Europe. I was first introduced to ElasticBox in 2012 and immediately realized that they were building the next generation enterprise IT as a Service platform. 

In the cloud computing and application delivery space, I see three main challenges that enterprises in Europe are facing:

  1. Cloud adoption: Companies are looking to modernize legacy applications and tools to become more cloud-friendly.
  2. DevOps: IT departments are trying to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of business demands. DevOps practices show promise but maintaining stability, high-availability, and business continuity are still top of mind.
  3. Security: While moving to the cloud and adopting DevOps practices is important, security of data is an issue companies do not want to compromise on.

With ElasticBox, solving these top of mind issues, becomes easy.

For instance, we have a large property management company as one of our customers. In their journey to modernize their IT department, they first wanted to move to the public cloud. ElasticBox made it very easy to reuse assets and repurpose applications to work with the public cloud. The next step for this customer was to bring some of this innovation to the development side of the house. With ElasticBox’s Service Catalog, developers are now finding it much easier and faster to develop applications by simply picking Boxes from a catalog. This customer is well on its way to adopting DevOps best practices, thanks to ElasticBox. This in turn is making the business much more agile and able to respond to customer demands.

Another customer loved all the ElasticBox features but could not, for regulatory reasons, put any of their data off-premise. They’ve installed the ElasticBox Virtual Appliance in their datacenter and have full control of their data and no security risks.

These incredibly valuable use cases are just some of the many reasons why I’m excited about this partnership and what it means for companies across Europe who want to move to the cloud or use the agility of cloud to be more innovative.

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