Ready to innovate on the next generation of cloud computing


After an extensive career in a large corporate enterprise, I’ve now joined ElasticBox. Who would have guessed that after 17 years working at IBM, my career would give a 180 degrees turn?

I started my career as a trainee, progressed to the Software Services team which focused on the WebSphere brand, and later landed on the Commerce Unit as a Senior IT Specialist. Throughout my experiences, I learned how to essentially think and work smarter through agility and focus on customer satisfaction. This focus has a direct impact on driving innovation and building a level of trust in the market – with partners, with customers, with industry leaders and more.

Beyond my learnings, I felt like a single raindrop in the big blue ocean. In contrast, being at ElasticBox has provided a culture of agility and has a much more rapid pace of business as we innovate on the next generation of cloud computing. We have been making cloud application adoption a reality through an agile DevOps, flexible PaaS, and the modernization of IT operations.

Being envious of large development shops with big brands, I’ve admired them as the real gurus of development, building the next generation of software applications, and contributing to global IT innovation. I’ve now become part of a real development lab here at ElasticBox! And I’ve surprisingly discovered that the real gurus of development are here with me, and they are my new teammates! Now I have the chance to spread my work throughout the open source software community, which I am sincerely ecstatic about. Now, back to work on ElasticBox’s latest innovation: ElasticKube!


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