Introducing ElasticBox MyServer Edition and Virtual Appliance

We’re really excited to announce the launch of the ElasticBox Virtual Appliance and the ElasticBox MyServer Edition. The ElasticBox Virtual Appliance appliance will enable customers to install ElasticBox in their own datacenter and the ElasticBox MyServer Edition adds support for application delivery on physical machines. These features, in addition to all the public and private clouds ElasticBox already supports, will enable any enterprise, regardless of their adoption of cloud, to streamline application delivery and adopt DevOps practices such as collaboration and continuous delivery. 

Market data shows that companies currently virtualize less than 50 percent of their servers. Businesses use physical servers for a variety of reasons such as: supporting existing investments, security, privacy, control over upgrade cycles, and limited support for certain third-party applications on non-physical infrastructure. As a result, a majority of enterprises have a mix of infrastructure – physical, virtualized, private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud.

With ElasticBox, every enterprise can now leverage existing on-premise infrastructure investments while streamlining application delivery and bringing the principles of DevOps, collaboration, and continuous delivery to their organization. And as their infrastructural investments change, ElasticBox will enable a smooth transition to the cloud without an overhaul of applications.

The ElasticBox Virtual Appliance is available for download immediately at Customers can install it in their vSphere, OpenStack, or CloudStack environments. It gives customers full control over their data, update cycles, and access to public clouds.

The ElasticBox MyServer Edition will enable customers to use ElasticBox to deploy applications using physical and converged infrastructure provided by vendors such as VCE, AMAX Information Technologies, Dell, Nutanix, Hewlett-Packard and IBM. It also prepares customers for a cloud migration strategy by leveraging the ElasticBox Workload Mobility features.

Our mission is to bring the benefits of DevOps and streamlined application delivery practices to every IT organization in the world, completely agnostic of their infrastructure investments. The support for physical servers and our virtual appliance brings us another step closer to that mission.

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