Let the Games Begin!

It all started on June 20th, 2014, when an email blast was sent company-wide declaring, GAME ON: The first official ElasticBox “Desk Decorating Competition” had begun.

The goal was simple, reflect what ElasticBox does as a company, and WINNN, at all costs. It wasn’t long before any semblance of order and office appropriate behavior flew out the window. Once the competition started and ideas were put into action – sabotage, bribery, insults, and mockery became a regular occurrence.

Several weeks later, we had a full blown war on our hands. The office had turned into a scene from ‘Hunger Games’ and I was Katniss Everdeen; but that’s beside the point.

I think you get the picture… The teams were assigned by the seating arrangements in our office, with 3-5 people on each team.  Since departments more or less sit together, you can probably imagine, it became a competition between Engineering, Product, Marketing, and Sales teams etc.

The Rules:

  • Budget of a whopping $250! Teams were not allowed to go over this budget, even if they wanted to pay out of their own pockets.
  • Decor must be permanent and relevant to the company, industry, or the team’s function and department in some way.
  • The decor must be for the entire cluster of tables, not just one desk.

Once the designs started to come to life, the Marketing team became the butt of many jokes throughout the company. We’re not going to point fingers (Engineers), but it turns out that a decoration consisting of taped paper and glued cotton balls can resemble a dead sheep.

Another team, we won’t mention who (HR/random people without desk buddies) decided that spray painting indoors would be a good idea…well it wasn’t and it set the fire alarm off. With toxic fumes in the office for the next hour, we have pushed a few lines of wonky code. But in the end it all worked out…sorta.

Now for the judging process, two judges were selected for the competition, and as it just so happens, they had only been at ElasticBox for two days (no pressure).

The Criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Relevance
  • Originality

Lastly, judgement day! Each team prepared a slide (or two) with photos of their creations, along with one speaker to present their decoration and summarize the significance of their finished product. I’ve attached the slides below for your enjoyment.

Take a look, and vote  HERE to tell us which team you think should have won!


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