Kubernetes Seattle meetup recap: Building systems and containers management

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Coming off another successful meetup, we had lots of productive engagement from the Kubernetes Seattle meetup group this past week. This event was organized by Matt Baldwin of StackPointCloud, which focuses on DevOps tooling for deploying and managing a Kubernetes cluster on any cloud. Many thanks to his group and Google for hosting us as we truly enjoyed being at “The Center of the Universe”.

The focus of the talk was two-fold; first, building the appropriate Kubernetes foundation for supporting containers and secondly, the management experience of containerized applications for enterprise IT. The discussion was led by Evan Brown, software developer from Google and was then followed by Arnaud Bonnet, lead architect at ElasticBox. Check out some of the cool things they shared:

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Evan provided a well-articulated explanation of the Kubernetes functionality and capabilities, specifically for the 1.2 release.  In fact, he even covered considerations for building out your clusters and the various configurations to be mindful of by taking the application perspective when thinking about the provisioning of the cluster.  From a demo perspective, he went through a sample application that had a front-end service supported by a number of backend services which were distributed across a 2-node Kubernetes cluster.  The interesting piece was the Jenkins Pipeline integration which he used to build, test and deploy an application.  In this case, he walked through scripting for each phase as he deployed an application on top of the cluster which is running in the GCE cloud.  It was clear that investments in Kubernetes are being made to accommodate more and more DevOps tools and processes for developers.

To learn more, you can check out his presentation on Continuous Deployment with Jenkins on Kubernetes (slideshare) and follow him on Twitter @evandbrown.

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Picking up where Evan left off, Arnaud, shared the strategic direction and purpose for our open source initiative, ElasticKube.  After a brief overview for the problem we’re trying to solve with simplifying management of containers for IT, he dove into a detailed demo.  Think of ElasticKube as a management layer on top of Kubernetes with a modern UI, hence, the focus was on the authorization and authentication of users as well as the real-time insights of the running container.  To maintain consistency with Evan’s talk, Arnaud showed how users could connect directly to the server to automate the application deployment from the Helm charts that were in the catalog of applications.  Attendees liked how well Kubernetes and ElasticKube can compliment one another for running a complete stack of applications as defined by an organization’s’ respective needs.  He finished up by sharing the ongoing investments and roadmap that the community can expect to see in the near future: SAML integration, application visualization, dependencies of the components, deeper insights within the dashboard and performance improvements.

You can find Arnaud’s presentation on the Container Management Platform on Slideshare.

Following the two talks, attendees had an opportunity to share their thoughts and ask questions collectively.  The collaborative thinking uncovered a number of ways to solve consistent problems that organizations are having with both the infrastructure layer and the application management when it comes to containers.  Consistent themes that we walked away with was consideration for providing IT decision makers cost analytics and utilization reporting as well as contextual insights for developers who are managing very complex applications.

 Follow us on Twitter @ElasticKube and check out our guest company’s web-pages to learn more.  We will continue to participate at other events in the community and hope you will join us next time.


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