A few words from Carol Carpenter, the new CEO at ElasticBox


Editor’s note: We recently welcomed Carol to ElasticBox as our new CEO to lead our go-to-market strategy and execution. Carol has spent the last 20 years in leadership roles in marketing, sales and executive management. She has a passion for technology, in driving new products to customers and a thirst for adventure. We asked a few questions as a fun way for you to get to know her. It’s easy to see why she sees “infinite opportunity” ahead for ElasticBox.

Why did you join ElasticBox?

I’m thrilled to join ElasticBox. Here is an incredibly smart and passionate team, and, of course, the opportunity to transform the developer-operations relationship. With “software eating the world,” every application is moving to the cloud, private or public, and enterprises need solutions that automate and accelerate that delivery.

As General Manager at Trend, I had a large development team that integrated new SaaS products and let me tell you the deployments were painful. We were moving from perpetual software with once-a-year releases to multiple releases a week. It was a tremendous learning experience and brought home the need to help enterprises make this transition. In this competitive environment, waiting for waterfall handoffs is no longer an option.

What is your favorite part of leading a team?

Whether I’m leading a team of 400 or 40 people, I focus on helping individuals discover their sweet spot. When people are in their sweet spot, they will consistently over-perform. And they are capable, passionate and motivated to excel. My mission is to build a high-performance company, and we can only do that when we help people unlock their potential.

What do you think of our customers?

Before I joined ElasticBox, I had the privilege of speaking to several customers and prospects. What struck me was the impact that ElasticBox had on the whole DevOps process and the resulting impact on the customers’ businesses. For example, a leading online entertainment company accelerated its ability to deploy 10x faster. We’re not talking about incremental change, but an order of magnitude change. Another DevOps leader at a biotech company shared with me that he’s now able to manage his applications and infrastructure with fewer resources. ElasticBox saved him from hiring an additional 20 resources. We’re helping enterprises accelerate top-line delivery and reduce cost.

What is your biggest focus ahead?

Simply said, it’s execution. We have an amazing team, excellent product and infinite opportunity ahead of us. We need to focus on our customers and execute to deliver value to them.

Finally, some fun trivia. Carol, what’s your favorite food?

I am a foodie. Love all foods but can never resist noodles – any noodle, pasta, ramen – have never met a carb I didn’t like.

Welcome to ElasticBox Carol. We are thrilled to have you as our leader.

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