Extend VMWare Private Cloud Benefits while Embracing Public Clouds

Extend VMWare Private Cloud Benefits while Embracing Public Clouds_logoVisit us at VMworld 2013, Booth #543, to see the latest release of ElasticBox, v2.0. Learn how you can extend the benefits of your VMWare private cloud deployment while embracing public clouds. Just like how Netflix and other customers have done, you can get the following benefits immediately!

  1. Separate application definition from the underlying cloud infrastructure, whether it is VMWare private cloud or public cloud such as AWS, Rackspace,  HP Cloud, or Microsoft Azure.
  2. Deliver self-service catalog for applications and services across these heterogeneous clouds.

  3. Ensure consistency between development, quality assurance, staging, and production environments
  4. Apply policy-based access control and resource allocation to provision heterogeneous cloud environments and dynamically scale infrastructure to address business needs.

ElasticBox — Powering the Cloud-Ready Enterprise

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