Excited to see you Sept 2-3 at the Jenkins User Conference, booth 3


ElasticBox is happy to announce that we are a sponsor for the upcoming Jenkins User Conference in Santa Clara, CA. This will be an exciting time to connect with IT operations folks and developers and share how to deploy applications at speed without manual setup.  

In a world where agile development is changing so rapidly, multi-tier applications are becoming the baseline model for lightweight and flexible deployments. This trend empowers developers to update and build applications much more frequently, but also requires IT operations to consider how to integrate code changes into production fidelity environments rapidly and at the same time scale the underlying resources on demand.

Why add ElasticBox to your DevOps tool chain?

The twin power of Jenkins CI plus continuous delivery is where enterprises see the value for automating their application deployments in production. But getting to an end state of regularly deploying apps in a predictable, scalable and reliable manner with little to no errors is a daunting task. This becomes even more overwhelming when you add to the mix a variety of tools and application types  in your current environment. However, combining the power of the Jenkins process workflow engine with a deployment automation manager like ElasticBox that integrates your existing toolset are key to fully automating faster continuous delivery.

Solving for your continuous delivery use-cases

To solve many of these challenges, ElasticBox provides a platform that helps you configure application deployments as microservices or components to push applications in staging or production in an automated, reusable fashion. Here are some compelling scenarios we’ll cover at the conference:

  • On-demand environments for build, test. Test code in reusable build environments automatically spun up in any cloud and terminated when not in use to save cloud costs. Tag environments as Jenkins slaves from ElasticBox to run your test and build jobs.
  • Deploy multi-tier apps predictably on any cloud. Simplify your Jenkins workflow with the ElasticBox plugin to trigger application or component deployments across development, staging, and production environments. Scale application instances or redeploy after a patch update and handle other lifecycle states without manual intervention. Take advantage of the ElasticBox agnostic deployment definition to launch to infrastructure anywhere in public, private, or hybrid clouds.
  • Accelerate deployments from snapshots. DevOps can spin up applications or components in a ready-to-run state in minutes or less using saved deployment snapshots from Jenkins and the ElasticBox plugin.

Stop by Booth 3 at the Jenkins User Conference Sponsor Showcase

Hear more from our CTO, Alberto Marias Maestro who is leading a session, “Developing Plugins for Cloud Scale on Wednesday September 3 at 10:30 AM. To help with your listening, we’ll be giving away these cool ElasticBox-Jenkins headphones to every session attendee.


And be sure to check us out at the Sponsor Showcase at Booth 3! See you soon.

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