Announcing the ElasticBox Virtual Appliance

Exciting news! We announced the release of our Virtual Appliance free trial at VMworld San Francisco this past week and are kicking things off with an awesome giveaway.

Download our free Virtual Appliance trial (10 min setup) and you’ll be entered to win one of the new Apple product being released next week (hint: our money is on an iPhone 6). 

To enter, please complete the following steps by Friday, September 12th:

Free Trial

Today, I am extremely excited to announce the general availability of the ElasticBox Virtual Appliance. ElasticBox built a Virtual Appliance to make it easier for you to rapidly deploy applications and provision your private cloud resources without risking security.

Our engineering team has been working really hard during the weeks leading up to VMworld to create a virtual appliance that is easy to install, easy to upgrade, and gives you access to the full ElasticBox feature set. And the best part? You can download our free trial right now.

Why the Appliance?

In short, it’s about giving our customers as much control as they want.

  • You have full control over your data with everything hosted in your private datacenter
  • You control the upgrade cycle
  • You control which clouds (public or private) your version of ElasticBox communicates with

Appliance Features

I am most excited about the following features that we worked hard to put in the appliance.

  • You can boost storage capacity for your appliance or repair the disk that stores appliance and ElasticBox data by pointing to a new or existing vCenter disk storage.
  • You can deploy the appliance in your vSphere environment.

For more details, please check out the release notes.

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