ElasticBox Virtual Appliance Update: Managing applications in your datacenter


Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. The much awaited update for the ElasticBox virtual appliance has arrived and it brings robust cloud application management experiences from the SaaS environment directly into your datacenter. With many customers requiring unique infrastructure configurations and isolation from a shared platform whether it be for regulatory, compliance or simply taking advantage of existing investments; we’re enabling users to manage their applications consistently across clouds while IT has the confidence that on-premises investments are being leveraged.

One of the leading updates for this release is that Kubernetes from the Google Compute Engine is now supported as a deployment target, allowing users to build applications and package them with the appropriate configurations for the Google cloud. This expands the deployment options for customers who aspire for a wide range of applications that can be packaged into a container and managed on ElasticBox.

We also expanded support for the Google Compute Engine (GCE) cloud itself which includes: new autoscaling support, Windows instances support, and new functionality that allows users to select the desired boot disk size, based on their needs (SSD’s and enhanced support for disk images).

This comprehensive appliance update also allows for more cloud providers: OpenStack now supports Keystone v3 without domains on OpenStack and it also supports Cinder v2 along with the improved detection on providers without Cinder support.

We continue to develop and deliver enhanced experiences to guarantee agility, intelligent workflow and make efficient operational processes and tasks repeatable.

Find out more about the capabilities of our appliance. Click here.

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