ElasticBox Product Review by Bernd Harzog, Analyst, The Virtualization Practice

Check out the in-depth Product Review of ElasticBox solution conducted by Bernd Harzog, Analyst at The Virtualization Practice, and CEO of APM Experts. Find out how ElasticBox can help you define and deploy your application on any cloud your way!

There is a lot of talk about how successful Amazon is being at making it easy to consume virtual infrastructure via its AWS public cloud offerings. There is a lot of talk as well from vendors of private and hybrid cloud solutions about how they can help IT departments in enterprises stand up their own clouds and deliver the same level of self-service and automated virtual infrastructure as Amazon can to their business constituents.

However, almost all of this talk focuses upon either Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) which focuses upon delivery of virtual machines, Platform as a Service (PaaS) which focuses upon the delivery of the software platforms (web servers, Java servers, database servers) upon which applications run, or Software as a Service (SaaS) which is generally taken to mean that the vendor of the application hosts the back end (like SalesForce.com).

What is missing from this conversation, and these categories of cloud computing is the one thing that most enterprises care about the most. That one thing is how to they manage the lifecycle of the applications that they own (the ones that they purchased and the ones that they custom developed), in a manner that allows the enterprise to deploy these applications as they desire across various public, private, and hybrid cloud deployment options.

This is a review of ElasticBox, a product that specifically addresses the issue of managing the lifecycle of applications across combinations of private, public, and hybrid clouds.

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