ElasticBox joins Cisco Intercloud to serve hybrid cloud customers


Today, at Cisco Live San Diego, Cisco announced 35+ ISVs have joined Intercloud, a globally-connected network of clouds Cisco is building with its partners.

ElasticBox looks forward to being an early member of the Cisco Intercloud Marketplace and expanding hybrid cloud capabilities to Cisco customers. We’re in the company of some great leaders in the industry including Chef, F5, Informatica, and many more.

Thirty-five plus new ISV members are joining the Intercloud ecosystem to address opportunities in cloud scale computing across key areas such as big data and analysis and IoE, and to create innovative cloud apps for the Intercloud.

Being part of the Cisco Intercloud Marketplace opens up exciting new opportunities for ElasticBox to serve enterprises looking for bimodal IT as well as hybrid or multi-cloud support.

ElasticBox as a cloud application platform manager provides end-to-end automation with built-in DevOps collaboration. That means developers freely self-service build environments needs from a catalog. It means operations engineers define and control infrastructure policies for org-wide consumption. It means DevOps personas define automation with any of the open source configuration management tools such as Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, Ansible, CloudFormation, Jenkins, and more. Importantly, the platform powers next-generation applications to launch microservice workloads in containers like Docker.

Whether your cloud strategy is private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud, the platform supports your choice to launch workloads anywhere.

In addition to Cisco, we’ve partnered with a diverse group of organizations to connect our customers with technology that can provide real business value and open doors to unparalleled agility.

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