ElasticBox At DeveloperWeek


It’s February and DeveloperWeek is just around the corner. For us at ElasticBox, there’s love in the air—our love for making developers’ lives easier that is! Come find us at DeveloperWeek Expo, Feb 18-19.

Why Not Join Us?

Want to attend DeveloperWeek but don’t already have a pass? Turns out we have a few extra floating around. We are giving away 6 complete passes, which give you access to the following: conference sessions, keynote & open talks, expo, week-long series of events and hiring mixer. To join us, tweet why you should win with #ElasticBox AND #DeveloperWeek and we’ll pick our favorites!

Developer Edition Sneak Peek

At DeveloperWeek, we’ll be showcasing the Developer Edition, which is currently in a limited beta. We’ve already received incredible feedback and are eager to hear more. In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching two major features, which are sure to completely blow people away (at least that’s what folks in the usability session are saying:)). Come be the first to get a sneak peak at DeveloperWeek!

We Love You

As a developer focused organization, there’s nothing more exciting than talking one-on-one about your development challenges and unique use cases. We love to help you solve hard problems, and create opportunities to improve your workflow.

Powered by Boxes

See how ElasticBox can transform the way you develop today by using boxes and their powerful capabilities:

  • Leverage plug-and-play box configurations from a catalog of the latest platforms, language runtimes, and tools to define new or existing applications.
  • Define boxes once but reuse them multiple times across environments like dev, test, and production.
  • Share box configurations to collaborate with others in the developer community.
  • Go cloud-ready in minutes by deploying to any public, private, or hybrid provider you choose.

DeveloperWeek Schedule

Take a peek of these features and more. Swing by the E4 booth and visit us Feb 18-19. We’ll have plenty of neat-o t-shirts to give away.

Here’s what’s on the roster at DeveloperWeek:

Our goal is to give you the power and speed you need to innovate and go to market faster. That’s the promise we’re delivering this valentine’s season. Come connect with us at DeveloperWeek. We hope to see you there!

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