60 best open source tools to do DevOps


Don’t you love free stuff? When it comes to automation, open source tools are coveted because they attract support from the developer community. So we compiled a list of the best. Take a look.

When I began to research open source tools, I was overwhelmed by the noise. Mostly the marketing kind. Truth as we know is hard to find. After a lot of sifting and interviewing experts at ElasticBox, we came up with this list, which is by no means final. What’s your hot favorite? Or is it not listed here? Either way, let us know!

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  • RJ Nowling

    You left out Ansible and Vagrant is listed twice under the same category.

    • Mrina N

      Thanks RJ! I added Ansible and removed the duplicate Vagrant.

  • Stéphan Mestach

    For performance testing a must have is Gatling (http://gatling.io/#/). Nice dsl (easy to version control/merge/configure), integration possible with jenkins to observe trends or send metrics to influxdb, great looking report with percentiles, req/s, resp/s, error rate.

  • meh, having too many tools lends itself to implied “job security”.

  • Is powershell open source?

  • Charles T. Betz

    How about open source Kanban tools?

  • Damien Ransome

    OpenVZ is the “original” container open source platform, and they’re even contributing some important technologies to the Linux kernel that will help to fix some docker limitations: e.g. CRIU (see http://www.criu.org)

  • Why Docker Swarm considered as “Provisioning” ? It’s a tool for builing a cluster, isn’t it? Nice collection BTW.

  • Rancher. Add rancher.io 🙂 and it’s buddies like brooklyn, flynn, mesosphere, paz, etc…

  • oh, sorry! Should have also said that it’s a good list (it is)

  • Derek E. Weeks

    Good list. Lots of familiar faces. While you covered version control for the code you write, you forgot artifact repositories that manage the binaries you did not write. The OSS offerings here are Nexus and Artifactory.

  • Forgot Monit for monitoring and and Munin for trend graphing.

  • Mayank Mishra

    Forgot jumbune for monitoring, analytics and alerting

  • Goran Cetusic

    Have you tried IMUNES? Basically, it can serve as a Docker GUI with a network twist:


  • golgoth

    rundeck is missing 😐

  • golgoth

    oh no I see it sorry :p

  • brian

    add RunDeck to the “provisioning” list. Its a great tool.