Deployment policies give access to cloud infrastructure resources


I’m excited to talk about new features coming soon to ElasticBox. Whether you’re new or have been using ElasticBox for a while to auto-provision infrastructure or speed up automatic deployments, this post will interest you.

In talking to many of our customers, we came across a common theme. While deployment profiles, which spell out all the metadata for a deployment on a particular cloud, are very useful to configure infrastructure, customers want to do more. They want to share deployment profiles and intuitively give access to a well-defined set of provider resources without giving access to the entire cloud provider.

To address these needs, we re-imagined our approach to defining and giving access to deployment metadata. Instead of thinking of them as tightly-coupled attributes of a box (a box is like a template that defines automation for an application or a micro component), we evolved deployment profiles to deployment policy boxes.

Boxes as you know them are now going to be ‘script boxes’. And deploying a script box will follow the same exact flow as deploying a box today. The only difference is at deploy time, you will select a deployment policy box instead of a deployment profile.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 4.04.01 PM

It’s easy to create a deployment policy box. Watch this quick video on how.

Once fully customized, the deployment policy box is ready for you to share with other ElasticBox users. In fact, you no longer need to give access to the cloud provider in ElasticBox. You simply share the policy with them instead. The policy box is an excellent mechanism for DevOps and ITOps teams to allocate cloud resources and enforce compliance easily.

Remember Admin Boxes that let you tailor deployments systematically? Well, since a deployment policy box is essentially an infrastructure configuration, you can directly associate Admin Boxes to one. ITOps and DevOps teams now have the flexibility to associate admin boxes based on criteria such as team and type of deployment–instead of relying on a single Admin Box for the whole cloud provider.

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