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8After receiving an invitation to be a guest speaker at Intel Capital Technology Day in The Hague, Holland, I was honored to share how ElasticBox can help the most complex enterprises. This event was a gathering of the most renowned companies in the IT & Telecommunications sector such as Gya, Aternity, Avegant, Identec Solutions and more.

I can affirm that after 15 years experience in R&D, and now (more than ever before) DevOps is a necessity for companies to achieve continuous integration and continuous delivery in application deployment. Given the current market, competitiveness relies on how companies embrace a cloud-based platform manager that allows integration and automation between application teams and IT Operations.

During the conference, I had the chance to focus on that premise and share our strategy as well as a portfolio of customer use cases. After a quick overview of the company, I began with examples of how we accelerated Netflix’s Datacenter Migration in 2 years time enabling a self service of infrastructure and services across multiple environments. I also referred to DeNA, a rising gaming company that is delivering PaaS services to customers and used Elasticbox as an easy-to-access catalog of services for their customers. And last but not least, I recalled Cytobank who chose ElasticBox to integrate with a complex ecosystem and orchestrate site deployments automatically.

The announcement of Public Boxes generated a lot of excitement amongst attendees. This represents a significant step towards enabling predictable deployments through reuse, speed up deployments, staging and production environments, integrate deployment-as-a-service with the user’s suite of automation tools.

But let me share a brief summary of the Intel news, as they addressed what’s coming on their consumer technology roadmap, the key drivers shaping the next wave of innovation, and the company’s plans for bringing amazing experiences to customers. The large enterprise solution providers are continuing giant investments and encourage promising start-ups in IT, Telecommunication and Engineering companies around the globe. They highlighted the focus to continue designing smarter and lighter devices that makes interacting with devices a truly personal experience.

The experience was richly rewarding, given the contrast in customer approach, technology type and activities that companies are engaging in. No doubt the convergence between them all is the focus on customer success, having high-performance teams and continuous innovation.

Our participation at the conference strengthened our relationships with Intel and KPN, and I’m convinced that our continued focus will drive positive results. I look forward to continued collaboration and best practice sharing.

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