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Drive a full lifecycle with Jenkins + Kubernetes

This time we are going to explain you how the Kubernetes-CI Jenkins plugin works, taking advantage of containers and Kubernetes (K8s).

In summary, this plugin provides:

  • Jenkins slave lifecycle: it manages Jenkins slaves with Pod definitions into Kubernetes clusters. It is no longer necessary to have slaves deployed in advance, as the time it takes to deploy them using containers and Kubernetes is minimum.
  • Autodiscovery: here is a smooth integration between the plugin and K8s; if the Jenkins Master is deployed into a K8s cluster, the plugin discovers it and populates the cloud configuration for you. Moreover, a default Pod configuration and a default repository configuration pointing to Helm chart are also provided.
  • CI/CD pipeline: our vision is that charts are a key element to build them, so you can deploy and delete charts through build steps provided by the plugin.

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Joining CenturyLink: Win the Day


On the day I started at ElasticBox, I talked to the team about winning the day. This means different things to everyone. For me, it’s about doing the best you can do, each day, to move the business forward. As an example, for the engineering team, this means creating and delivering features that customers value. In sales, this means moving customers through the pipeline to close. For marketing, this means delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. Read More

Managing a complete multi-tiered application with Jenkins and ElasticBox


You may be familiar with how ElasticBox enables you to deploy components of an application or how Jenkins can be used to automate steps of an application build; but how can you deploy and manage an entire application with multiple components and tiers all at once?  Glad you asked.   Read More

Top 4 Skills for DevOps


We frequently hear the word “DevOps” when we talk about cloud technologies. This model is rapidly growing in adoption throughout companies where traditional IT ops, system administrators and developer responsibilities are being merged.  The process and culture-driven methodology enables organizations to appreciate programming skills, service management and resource provisioning. Read More

Enhanced LDAP capabilities for better user management

Hacker on devices 3

Recapping the first half of the year, we’ve introduced a lot of new product capabilities which include the Live Viewer, Clone Option, and Public Application Boxes to make it easier for DevOps to work together in small teams, and collaborate on large projects across organizations. Read More

Kubernetes Seattle meetup recap: Building systems and containers management

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 18.25.27

Coming off another successful meetup, we had lots of productive engagement from the Kubernetes Seattle meetup group this past week. This event was organized by Matt Baldwin of StackPointCloud, which focuses on DevOps tooling for deploying and managing a Kubernetes cluster on any cloud. Many thanks to his group and Google for hosting us as we truly enjoyed being at “The Center of the Universe”. Read More

Re-assess your cloud strategy

cloud_strategy (1)

A successful strategy begins with the setting of technical and business objectives. Many enterprises are moving to the cloud, yet their cloud strategies are still a work in progress.  
What are the application requirements for a cloud migration?
Are my applications cloud ready?
What are the infrastructure considerations? Read More

CloudBlazers Meetup recap: Managing containers in the enterprise

cb meetup

Finishing up an impactful meetup last week, we were honored to host the Cloud Blazers Meetup Group.  With a focus on how containers can be used within the enterprise for both IT and developers, we kicked off the discussion and heard thoughts from Perspica, Google and Rackspace. Read More

ElasticBox API’s: The secret sauce


ElasticBox’s API supports all functionality available on the UI.  But what does this mean for customers who are integrating ElasticBox with their custom solutions for managing services? Read More

Container impact on the cloud. What’s next?

500px Photo ID: 107474175 - Stack of Cargo Containers at the docks

Containers have become one of many viable solutions to running software with high reliability when migrated from one cloud environment to another. This can be from a physical machine to a virtual machine in a private or public cloud, or from a staging environment into production. Read More