Why Your AWS re:Invent Experience will be Incomplete Without ElasticBox


The countdown to AWS re:Invent has officially begun! If you’ve heard of it or been to it before, you know it is an exciting time with much-awaited announcements from AWS, great startup showcases, bar crawls, and an expo hall jam-packed with vendors who are creating innovating services on top of AWS. Of all those choices, there is one thing that you absolutely cannot miss. An ElasticBox demo! 


Come see one the best live demos! We’ll show you how you can deploy an application to your AWS environment in a few simple steps. And you can do it all for free!

We’ll have the best swag! Visit our booth, get a demo and become a proud owner of one of these cool headphones.

And that’s not all; stay tuned for exciting news that’s coming soon and be the first to see it live at AWS re:Invent.

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