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This is how you easily build and deploy from GitHub pull requests


We last showed how ElasticBox works with Jenkins to run workloads on remote machines in any cloud, any pre-defined slave build environment. This time, we make it easy to handle GitHub pull requests. The ElasticBox Jenkins plugin directly manages the GitHub pull request lifecycle. So what does that mean to you? Read More

Why automate gated code check-ins using ElasticBox?

In the last decade, we’ve been devising a number of tools and platforms like Jenkins, GitHub, ElasticBox to fully automate software development and build processes.

Automating software builds has one big challenge. How to keep the rigor of a gated check-in process in place as we automate triggers, builds, and deployment environments in each stage? Read More

Continuous Delivery with ElasticBox and Jenkins


In our last Jenkins post, we talked about setting up Jenkins and your software source control management system with the ElasticBox Plugin to continuously develop and integrate your application code in production. Well now, the plugin is even easier to use and you can set up your continuous delivery flow in a few simple steps. Read on to learn how. Read More

ElasticBox Jenkins Plugin – Easy Continuous Integration Setup


Introduction to Jenkins and ElasticBox
ElasticBox has recently released a Jenkins plugin which makes it possible to configure a continuous integration or continuous deployment scenario without writing any code or scripts! How have we done this you ask? Simple, it was magic. In all seriousness, magic is the end result if you integrate ElasticBox and Jenkins with the source control software of choice.

For those who rely on Jenkins for daily work, performing integration builds, orchestrating complex, large scale scenarios for testing or managing continuous delivery of applications with many configurations across Read More