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Top 4 Skills for DevOps


We frequently hear the word “DevOps” when we talk about cloud technologies. This model is rapidly growing in adoption throughout companies where traditional IT ops, system administrators and developer responsibilities are being merged.  The process and culture-driven methodology enables organizations to appreciate programming skills, service management and resource provisioning. Read More

Re-assess your cloud strategy

cloud_strategy (1)

A successful strategy begins with the setting of technical and business objectives. Many enterprises are moving to the cloud, yet their cloud strategies are still a work in progress.  
What are the application requirements for a cloud migration?
Are my applications cloud ready?
What are the infrastructure considerations? Read More

ElasticBox API’s: The secret sauce


ElasticBox’s API supports all functionality available on the UI.  But what does this mean for customers who are integrating ElasticBox with their custom solutions for managing services? Read More

Container impact on the cloud. What’s next?

500px Photo ID: 107474175 - Stack of Cargo Containers at the docks

Containers have become one of many viable solutions to running software with high reliability when migrated from one cloud environment to another. This can be from a physical machine to a virtual machine in a private or public cloud, or from a staging environment into production. Read More

ElasticBox Virtual Appliance Update: Managing applications in your datacenter


Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. The much awaited update for the ElasticBox virtual appliance has arrived and it brings robust cloud application management experiences from the SaaS environment directly into your datacenter. With many customers requiring unique infrastructure configurations and isolation from a shared platform whether it be for regulatory, compliance or simply taking advantage of existing investments; we’re enabling users to manage their applications consistently across clouds while IT has the confidence that on-premises investments are being leveraged. Read More

Preview Application Boxes: Deploy like never before


A couple of months ago, we announced general availability of public boxes, a knowledge repository of sample deployments for popular application stacks.

But, we couldn’t just leave it there because we know that customers want more. How about simplifying your application deployment processes? ElasticBox is now enabling customers to deploy complete application stacks with Application Boxes which include all of the dependent components and infrastructure that can be deployed in a predictable manner. Read More