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Jim Meyer is the VP of Engineering for the Helion OpenStack distribution, with teams spanning half the globe as well as all of OpenStack. Jim has been a technologist since he was eight and is just as comfortable with a soldering iron as a keyboard. He's been solving problems in large-scale distributed computing and virtualization for nearly 20 years for large companies like Walt Disney Feature Animation and Dreamworks Animation, as well as startups like LinkedIn and Wealthfront. When he's not working, you're as likely to find Jim using his kids' Minecraft server or his fantasy baseball team’s daily lineup as an excuse to dig into new technology; working on home improvement projects as an excuse to play with power tools; grilling something for family and friends as an excuse to hang out; or reading nearly anything he can get his hands on (no excuses). Follow him on Twitter @purp.

Hear from the OpenStack expert on how to crush developer cruft

System Overload

Jim Meyer is a VP of Engineering at HP Cloud, Helion OpenStack distribution. His mantra for engineering is three words: Velocity beats everything. Velocity gives your engineering teams the ability to do more in unit time while giving them the power of context and control. He recently visited us at ElasticBox where he shared interesting insights on this engineering approach. We think ElasticBox complements this vision quite well. Here are some of his insights on CI/CD and how it leads to engineering velocity. Read More