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Drive a full lifecycle with Jenkins + Kubernetes

This time we are going to explain you how the Kubernetes-CI Jenkins plugin works, taking advantage of containers and Kubernetes (K8s).

In summary, this plugin provides:

  • Jenkins slave lifecycle: it manages Jenkins slaves with Pod definitions into Kubernetes clusters. It is no longer necessary to have slaves deployed in advance, as the time it takes to deploy them using containers and Kubernetes is minimum.
  • Autodiscovery: here is a smooth integration between the plugin and K8s; if the Jenkins Master is deployed into a K8s cluster, the plugin discovers it and populates the cloud configuration for you. Moreover, a default Pod configuration and a default repository configuration pointing to Helm chart are also provided.
  • CI/CD pipeline: our vision is that charts are a key element to build them, so you can deploy and delete charts through build steps provided by the plugin.

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Ready to innovate on the next generation of cloud computing


After an extensive career in a large corporate enterprise, I’ve now joined ElasticBox. Who would have guessed that after 17 years working at IBM, my career would give a 180 degrees turn? Read More