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3 ways to battle the Goliaths of cloud automation


Many cloud automation startups I advise experience similar challenges. A lack of resources like time, money, talent or a combination of them is a common one. Then as incumbents in a marketplace where the giants command a big piece of the market share, they struggle to build consumer awareness and adoption. What to do when the odds are against you? The art of battling giants lies in the underdog turning their greatest weakness into a strategic strength, says Malcolm Gladwell in David and Goliath. But how can startups leverage their weaknesses as strengths? Read More

5 tips for startup growth from a veteran serial entrepreneur


BV Jagadeesh is no stranger to the VC community. His successful track record as a VC, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist speaks for itself. We welcomed him recently to ElasticBox as an advisor and member of the board. When you talk to BV, you quickly realize that he listens more than he speaks. But once you get him talking about running a company, he’s inspiring. So we asked him more on that and why he joined ElasticBox. Read More