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New version of ElasticBox delivers DevOps teams broader reuse and infrastructure freedom


Customer success is always our top priority. So when our customers ask for new functionality and refinements, we deliver. Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to bring to market our latest release of ElasticBox. Our sole mission was to help organizations scale their DevOps vision and make it a reality. To achieve that, we decoupled deployment artifacts and made them reusable across applications, teams, and clouds. Read More

What’s hot with DevOps?

Mobile applications and media technology concept

DevOps as a movement to transform people, technology, processes for higher business value is here to stay. It’s disrupting organizational processes replacing the old with the new. Command and control IT, a historical approach to regulating tech top-down, is trending toward decentralization thanks to DevOps.

Software source control is another such case. We saw Git take on the source control bigwigs and redefine how we collaborate and build software. Now, which other areas is DevOps disrupting? Read More

The Zen of DevOps


Principles guide us toward meaningful action. The world of DevOps is no different. Without strong principles, there is no clear intent. Where agility is the new stability, the following aphorisms guide our DevOps practices. Read More

Why infrastructure matters, but also doesn’t


Infrastructure is changing. It’s nearly impossible to design a product or application without carefully planning how it’ll deploy on specific infrastructure. I should know because in running a business that automates application deployments, I deal with infrastructure every day. So here’s my take on how I view infrastructure and its evolving changes. Read More

Turn IT into a service catalog


Unless you live under a rock in the world of cloud computing, you’re probably aware of a growing generational gap between public clouds and enterprise IT. Read More

Bird’s eye view of IT as a service


In working closely with large enterprises for several years, we consistently hear businesses talk of IT needs to achieve critical and strategic goals. Commonly these large enterprises span many verticals like technology, online media, finance, banking, and more. Read More

Oh No, Amazon is Rebooting! With ElasticBox, You Don’t Have To Worry

If you use Amazon Web Service (AWS) for your applications, you’ve probably already received an email (or a phone call) from AWS informing you that your EC2 instances will be rebooted over the next 5 days. Reboots are a fairly routine occurrence at AWS, but this one has the potential to severely impact your applications. Most of the potential problems this reboot will create have been outlined in several other articles and blog posts. Among them, the most worrisome is what happens after the reboot. How do you go about bringing your applications back online? How many IT folks will have to stay on call to minimize downtime?  Read More

Introducing ElasticBox MyServer Edition and Virtual Appliance

We’re really excited to announce the launch of the ElasticBox Virtual Appliance and the ElasticBox MyServer Edition. The ElasticBox Virtual Appliance appliance will enable customers to install ElasticBox in their own datacenter and the ElasticBox MyServer Edition adds support for application delivery on physical machines. These features, in addition to all the public and private clouds ElasticBox already supports, will enable any enterprise, regardless of their adoption of cloud, to streamline application delivery and adopt DevOps practices such as collaboration and continuous delivery.  Read More

Announcing the ElasticBox Virtual Appliance

Exciting news! We announced the release of our Virtual Appliance free trial at VMworld San Francisco this past week and are kicking things off with an awesome giveaway.

Download our free Virtual Appliance trial (10 min setup) and you’ll be entered to win one of the new Apple product being released next week (hint: our money is on an iPhone 6).  Read More

Using AWS CloudFormation in ElasticBox

Recently, we have been experimenting with ways to support all the APIs and services that cloud providers like Amazon offer, such as CloudFormation. As I mentioned before in a blog post, cloud providers bring innovation to market in the form of infrastructure APIs  Read More