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How to set up a development environment on your physical machine using the ElasticBox MyServer Edition, VirtualBox, and Vagrant

On Friday we announced our newest feature, ElasticBox MyServer Edition which lets you bring your own infrastructure to ElasticBox, including your physical machine. This means that you can now deploy applications on your laptop using ElasticBox. Sure, you could deploy applications to physical machines before, but we’re bringing all the goodness of cloud to your physical machines. You can take advantage of all our features such as service catalog, workload mobility, and management capabilities in your physical environments.  Read More

Sneak Preview, a Developer’s perspective

ElasticBox will be announcing a new feature this week and I am really excited because it has solved one of my biggest pain points as a developer. I’ll give you a sneak preview of how this feature will benefit developers in this blog post!

Developer Pain Point

One of the most common challenges that software developers face are the differences between our development and test environments and actual production environments. As developers, we’re busy building cool features so when those features behave as expected in development environments, Read More