The Apple Watch: now is the time to build your apps to be ready for launch


Yesterday, Apple announced the Apple Watch, which is going to create a major revolution in how we consume, interact with, and share data. At ElasticBox we couldn’t be more excited about what this means for businesses building applications for a brand new platform. 

Just like cloud computing replaced decades old on-premise technology with something more flexible, scalable and easy to access, wearable computing is the natural evolution of mobile computing. With wearable technology, Apple is opening up a brand new world that will infinitely increase people’s lives over time.

When Apple first released the iPad in 2010, many skeptics simply saw it as a giant iPhone, but failed to realize the endless possibilities that new computing paradigms, new interaction models, and innovation could mean for both businesses and users. Today, no one would argue that the iPad hasn’t completely transformed how we use apps, data, and interact with each other. The iPad has revolutionized everything from healthcare, manufacturing, and education, to sales, marketing, and how to engage with customers.

The wearable market is estimated to grow from $2.5Bn in 2012 to over $8Bn in 2018*, but that’s a low ball estimate that fails to recognize what happens when a giant like Apple enters a market and brings all its competitors with it.

We are excited because apps are just what’s in people’s hands (or on their wrist). But a lot of the magic that support these mobile apps comes directly from the cloud, and ElasticBox makes it insanely easy to build new, innovative applications for your business by giving developers, IT, and DevOps the tools they need to build fast on any infrastructure. It shouldn’t matter what your app is about, what form factor it’s built for, or what infrastructure you want to run it on (public, private, or hybrid cloud), you should just focus on getting your innovative applications out fast, and with the stability, scalability, and security you need.

So why not get started on building your applications for the Apple Watch today and take advantage of the flexible ElasticBox platform to ensure you can do it faster than you ever imagined? Sign up for a free ElasticBox account today to get started.



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