Oh No, Amazon is Rebooting! With ElasticBox, You Don’t Have To Worry

If you use Amazon Web Service (AWS) for your applications, you’ve probably already received an email (or a phone call) from AWS informing you that your EC2 instances will be rebooted over the next 5 days. Reboots are a fairly routine occurrence at AWS, but this one has the potential to severely impact your applications. Most of the potential problems this reboot will create have been outlined in several other articles and blog posts. Among them, the most worrisome is what happens after the reboot. How do you go about bringing your applications back online? How many IT folks will have to stay on call to minimize downtime? 

The Impact
The issue at hand is that after the instances get rebooted, there is no easy way to re-configure the machines the way you did the first time around. When you first set up the machine, you went through a number of manual steps to configure it to your particular needs. Someone on your team will have to be on call and go through those manual steps again.

Who Isn’t Affected
The only folks who won’t be affected by the post-reboot scrambling are those using ElasticBox.

An Easy Solution
Why will ElasticBox users not be affected? Because all those scripts are methodically stored in a Box in ElasticBox. When AWS reboots the instances, ElasticBox will automatically run the event scripts and re-configure your instance exactly as you had it prior to the reboot!

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