3 tips on building a tech career inside the Box


As a consumer of technology I find it very interesting how an application gets put together, then all of a sudden, boom, you’re playing a game on your phone or using a new application to make life less chaotic. It’s amazing the way technology is changing our society on a daily basis, and that is something I am proud to be part of. That’s also why I joined ElasticBox.

A culture of transparency and customer centricity

In any work environment, startup or otherwise, culture is everything. Armed with the right knowledge and clear goals, you feel empowered. Instead of the job driving you, it’s the other way around. Since my first day here, a culture of transparency gave me the freedom to embrace and define my role.

Although I am in sales, I have full opportunities to learn marketing and get insights into how a technology business operates end-to-end. Unlike other jobs, here I learn something new each day about application lifecycle management or the DevOps market we serve. A good part of my day is spent learning about DevOps users, their use-cases and learning about our customers.

Our love for customers like Netflix, Cytobank, DeNA, Genentech and others is the main reason I’m excited to be here. Every milestone at ElasticBox centers around a customer story. In fact, the culture of customer centricity is so infectious that if companies like Netflix and Genentech are using ElasticBox then I know this is a great place to build a career in selling technology.

Breaking into the DevOps culture is a fun challenge

Anytime I get out of my comfort zone is a sign that I am in the right place. All day I talk to DevOps users about accelerating their speed of app deployments, about managing app lifecycles through reusable service components, and integrating deployment processes through a CI/CD cycle. Plus being able to deploy to any cloud within a few clicks. From these conversations, I hear the biggest roadblock is surprisingly not to do with how innovative a solution is but the skepticism to move applications to the cloud.

When prospective customers say that they want to start migrating to the cloud, within that sentiment lies a terrifying fear because they’re so used to the way things are done today. At the beginning, these conversations are mainly educational showing how to set up and run apps in the cloud. Luckily part of my job is to assemble the right people to assist users in forming a roadmap towards cloud migration. Once they feel comfortable in this new environment, we slowly start uncovering interesting use cases.

Sometimes I speak with IT operations managers who literally have two seconds to speak to me because they have to respond to so many asks from developers. Once they see the value of developers self-serving build environments for themselves, their stress levels go way down. Goodbye to the onerous ticketing system and long wait-times!

Finding a tech groove

One other thing fascinates me here, which is the fact that our engineers consume ElasticBox daily to build and update the platform through CI/CD. On a Friday afternoon sometimes, I’ll watch the engineers test changes against the whole ElasticBox stack. One of these days I might give it a go myself.

In a way, I found my new career path in sales after speaking with our CEO Carol Carpenter. She inspires our team to think outside of the box and challenge ourselves. My time here has been very exciting so far, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds in store for ElasticBox and me.

Jameson Kern joined the sales team early this year. He enjoys selling technology because of its awesome impact on companies and our everyday lives. When he’s not working or sleeping, he’s always up for a round of golf or a pick-me-up with a game of basketball.

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