10 Things You Should Never Ask Your DevOps Engineers

Since DevOps is relatively new to our society, or at least the workplace, and has yet to be officially “defined” there might be times when you don’t know what to say or request of them.

We’re not going to tell you what DevOps is all about in this blog post, but we are going to give you 10 examples of when you should probably steer clear of the DevOps team.

If you follow these tips, maybe, just maybe, you’ll be bffs with your DevOps teammates (warning: results may vary).

1. When the continuous delivery pipeline fails:

(Don’t ask your DevOps engineers how they felt about that).


2. DevOps when they’re woken up by PagerDuty:

(Don’t ask if they appreciate it).


3. When requesting an audit of the logs:

(don’t start with a bad joke about Logstash or Splunk).


4. “It’s a quick change, and it worked on my machine. We can just push it straight to production right?”


(I mean… Don’t even bother).


5. Need someone to translate a Sysadmin script:

(Don’t ask your DevOps engineer if they know those ancient languages).


6. Want your DevOps engineer to step in when a product demo fails:


(Maybe you should have tested that feature before hand).


7.Need an experienced DevOps engineer to train the new DevOps guy:

(Better ask HR instead).


8. Want to install a gui-only tool on their DevOps machines:

(You got to be kidding).


9. Need to “tweak” a reverse proxy in production:


(Better luck next time).


10. Wondering how a DevOps Engineer  feels when he fixes a bug:

(Better just to wonder…).

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  • Guest

    How do you provision the servers? don’t ask…just watch and learn..

  • Adam Daigian

    Haha, very nice!

  • Peter


    Great glorification of DevOps,

    Can I ask a question, and get a decent answer – apart from thinking highly of themselves, do DevOps guys actually write any serious/complex systems level software, or generally just script websites they call applications (so glorified sysadmin work called Development just because it involves a bit of scripting which they feel is incredible – even though entire operating systems have been coded with less fanfare than that)?

    Are there any examples of houses that write serious stuff, for instance actual database engine manufacturers like Oracle and Microsoft or ppl writing directories and web servers themselves, rather than a few pages running on these web servers, that use this DevOps thing – because in what I have seen, mediocre sys admins start claiming they have fixed the world by still not knowing how the system runs under the hood, but now writing a few scripts to (badly) configure it in an automated fashion – while good sys admins have been scripting that same stuff for years when bored – just without giving it a fancy name or being pretentious about it (and some have learned an actual programming language rather than just a bit of scripting along the way)?