Kubernetes Seattle meetup recap: Building systems and containers management

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Coming off another successful meetup, we had lots of productive engagement from the Kubernetes Seattle meetup group this past week. This event was organized by Matt Baldwin of StackPointCloud, which focuses on DevOps tooling for deploying and managing a Kubernetes cluster on any cloud. Many thanks to his group and Google for hosting us as we truly enjoyed being at “The Center of the Universe”. Read More

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Re-assess your cloud strategy

cloud_strategy (1)

A successful strategy begins with the setting of technical and business objectives. Many enterprises are moving to the cloud, yet their cloud strategies are still a work in progress.  
What are the application requirements for a cloud migration?
Are my applications cloud ready?
What are the infrastructure considerations? Read More

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CloudBlazers Meetup recap: Managing containers in the enterprise

cb meetup

Finishing up an impactful meetup last week, we were honored to host the Cloud Blazers Meetup Group.  With a focus on how containers can be used within the enterprise for both IT and developers, we kicked off the discussion and heard thoughts from Perspica, Google and Rackspace. Read More

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ElasticBox API’s: The secret sauce


ElasticBox’s API supports all functionality available on the UI.  But what does this mean for customers who are integrating ElasticBox with their custom solutions for managing services? Read More

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Container impact on the cloud. What’s next?

500px Photo ID: 107474175 - Stack of Cargo Containers at the docks

Containers have become one of many viable solutions to running software with high reliability when migrated from one cloud environment to another. This can be from a physical machine to a virtual machine in a private or public cloud, or from a staging environment into production. Read More

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OpenStack bets on community collaboration for enterprise adoption


Last week, the OpenStack Summit took place in Austin, Texas gathering the industries leading IT professionals, telco operators, cloud administrators and app developers for the future of cloud computing. Some time ago we talked about OpenStack as a popular on-premises private cloud choice for deploying enterprise applications on a unified platform. Read More

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Diagnostics to ease installation and troubleshooting of ElasticKube


We introduced ElasticKube last month to ease the management of containers on Kubernetes, and the feedback from the community has been phenomenal.  ElasticKube Diagnostics adds a simple and intuitive module for troubleshooting deployments. It displays the various components and requirements of your containerized applications and their status, giving you the ability to check the health of the service and easily identify what needs to be fixed. This latest update is automatically available within the admin console and accessed at /diagnostics. Read More

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Ready to innovate on the next generation of cloud computing


After an extensive career in a large corporate enterprise, I’ve now joined ElasticBox. Who would have guessed that after 17 years working at IBM, my career would give a 180 degrees turn? Read More

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Leonteq Enables Self-Service of Infrastructure and Applications


Solving business challenges
Everyday new applications and services are requested and requires IT provisioning to deliver differentiated value back to the business as well as to end-customers. Leonteq is the latest customer to publicly share how IT is approaching the challenges of rapid deployment and management of modern applications across varying cloud infrastructures. Being an industry leader in technologies for investment solutions within the financial services sector, they have been addressing challenges with disparate infrastructure resources, exploding requests for services and a diverse set of application tools. Read More

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Cultivating Containers: Best Practices for Gen 3 Cloud Management


Last night, the ElasticKube team sponsored a San Francisco Cloud Mafia meetup with AppOrbit. While containers have been around for a while, the varied topics and questions reflect the fact that most companies are in the early stages of using containers. Topics ranged from best practices for container management at scale, to namespaces, to picking a repo. Read More

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