Diagnostics to ease installation and troubleshooting of ElasticKube


We introduced ElasticKube last month to ease the management of containers on Kubernetes, and the feedback from the community has been phenomenal.  ElasticKube Diagnostics adds a simple and intuitive module for troubleshooting deployments. It displays the various components and requirements of your containerized applications and their status, giving you the ability to check the health of the service and easily identify what needs to be fixed. This latest update is automatically available within the admin console and accessed at /diagnostics.

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Ready to innovate on the next generation of cloud computing


After an extensive career in a large corporate enterprise, I’ve now joined ElasticBox. Who would have guessed that after 17 years working at IBM, my career would give a 180 degrees turn? Read More

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Leonteq Enables Self-Service of Infrastructure and Applications


Solving business challenges
Everyday new applications and services are requested and requires IT provisioning to deliver differentiated value back to the business as well as to end-customers. Leonteq is the latest customer to publicly share how IT is approaching the challenges of rapid deployment and management of modern applications across varying cloud infrastructures. Being an industry leader in technologies for investment solutions within the financial services sector, they have been addressing challenges with disparate infrastructure resources, exploding requests for services and a diverse set of application tools. Read More

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Cultivating Containers: Best Practices for Gen 3 Cloud Management


Last night, the ElasticKube team sponsored a San Francisco Cloud Mafia meetup with AppOrbit. While containers have been around for a while, the varied topics and questions reflect the fact that most companies are in the early stages of using containers. Topics ranged from best practices for container management at scale, to namespaces, to picking a repo. Read More

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Translating “Rugged DevOps” into practical use


I was thrilled to see DevOps and security intersect at RSA’s 2nd Annual Rugged DevOps Conference. It was great to see the growing intrigue and the varying “best-practices” for the ideal implementation of DevOps as more than 600 attendees from varying backgrounds packed the room. It was enlightening to hear about the various functions that should play a role in rapidly delivering applications and services to both internal and external users. Taking a step back, this “still-evolving” concept has even the most mature organizations putting pressure on themselves to get DevOps right the first time. Read More

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ElasticKube brings authentication, user management and repeatable deployment for container services on Kubernetes clusters


With so much angst in the market over new and innovative ways to deliver cloud application services, ElasticBox has joined the open source community by introducing an entirely new project focused on container management called ElasticKube. Read More

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Manage the lifecycle of pull requests with Bitbucket, Jenkins and ElasticBox


Testing and deployment are two integral elements of web development. Adding in automation, they become solutions commonly called “continuous integration” (CI) and “continuous deployment” (CD). Pull requests are a tool for developers to notify the rest of the team when a new feature is completed. This makes everyone aware that they need to revise the code before merging it from the feature branch into the master. Read More

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ElasticBox Virtual Appliance Update: Managing applications in your datacenter


Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. The much awaited update for the ElasticBox virtual appliance has arrived and it brings robust cloud application management experiences from the SaaS environment directly into your datacenter. With many customers requiring unique infrastructure configurations and isolation from a shared platform whether it be for regulatory, compliance or simply taking advantage of existing investments; we’re enabling users to manage their applications consistently across clouds while IT has the confidence that on-premises investments are being leveraged. Read More

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New ElasticBox Updates: Visual Insights and Custom Box Branding


With the latest update from ElasticBox, we have introduced two unique capabilities to improve the user experience and surface insights gathered from application operations to make informed business decisions. Read More

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What to Expect in Cloud Management for 2016


We’ve seen a lot of changes throughout the year, and cloud adoption has grown significantly among enterprises. The impact to IT organizations has kept the vendor ecosystem extremely busy with evaluations, consulting and POCs throughout the industry – infrastructure, management, applications and services. Check out what I’ve learned and what I’m predicting for the coming year. Read More

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