ElasticBox Virtual Appliance

Experience the same great features to configure and deploy applications on any cloud, on your own infrastructure.
VMware .OVA
Openstack .QCOW2
Cloudstack .QCOW2

Get the most out of your private cloud

Fast Deployments
10x Faster Deployments

Reduce time to deploy applications from hours to minutes

IT Hero
IT as a Service

Give easy and self-service infrastructure and application resources access to developers.

Repeatable Deployments
Repeatable Deployments

Create deployments that can be modified within seconds and re-deployed.

"ElasticBox has provided us with the technology that we had been looking for, but had never found a great solution. With ElasticBox we are able to both create custom Boxes as well as leverage their preconfigured Boxes to deploy our internal applications, which allows us to focus on innovation instead of orchestration."

VP of IT Operations, Netflix
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