About ElasticBox

Founded in 2011, ElasticBox’s goal is to make it as easy as possible to develop, deploy, and manage applications for any cloud infrastructure. ElasticBox is pioneering a simplified, modular, service-based application development process, where fully configured components of an application architecture are encapsulated as “Boxes” and made available as a service. The result? Application development, deployment, and management for the cloud is now a seamless process.


Carol Carpenter

Serving as the CEO of ElasticBox, Carol has a passion for delivering innovative products that transform businesses and brings extensive leadership experience in large and small technology companies, most recently at ClearSlide, a high-growth SaaS company. Prior to ClearSlide, she was Executive GM for the Small Business and Consumer division of Trend Micro, Inc. With a worldwide organization and a P&L of ~$580m, Carol ran a development team that transitioned from a waterfall build-test-release process to an agile application lifecycle. In addition, she has held product management and marketing roles and driven innovation at Apple, Tumbleweed (TMWD) and Keynote Systems (KEYN).

Alberto Arias Maestro
CTO & Co-founder

As CTO and co-founder of ElasticBox, Alberto has over 15 years of experience in architecture and software development for large scale distributed systems. Prior to starting ElasticBox, as the VP of Architecture at DynamicOps, Alberto led the design of enterprise-scale platform to automate the private cloud infrastructure used by several Fortune 500 companies. Alberto's passion for software development brought him to Microsoft where he worked on several versions of .NET framework receiving numerous excellence awards and patents.

Mike Jones
VP of Sales

Michael is the VP of Sales for ElasticBox and responsible for field sales, inside sales and business development. Prior to joining ElasticBox, Michael held senior sales management positions at Apteligent, AppDynamics, Splunk, Keynote Systems and INTERSOLV. In 1998 he founded and was CEO of Alerts.com whose products are now part of IBM's MQ Series. He joined Keynote Systems in 2002 managing $40 million dollars in annual revenues and delivered over 20 quarters of growth. At Splunk, AppDynamics and Crittercism he helped build their sales teams from inception to global successes.

Oscar Sanjuan Martinez
Director of Engineering

As the Director of Engineering for ElasticBox, Oscar has over 16 years of experience in both software industry and research institutions. Prior to Elasticbox, Oscar was co-founder of Labelee and Vector IT where has lead software development projects for finance and IT companies in Europe. As a researcher he published over 150 articles in journals with domestic and international prestige on Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. He has taught more than 60 seminars and conferences in Europe and Latin America on Software Engineering in addition to being the technology advisor for the Goverment of Panama and an NGO in Europe. Oscar brings a wealth of academic experience which includes 3 PhD's, a Masters and multiple honorary awards in various engineering disciplines.


We’re supported by Intel Capital, Nexus Venture Partners, Sierra Ventures, and a16z seed.


B.V. Jagadeesh
B.V. Jagadeesh
Jishnu Bhattacharjee
Jishnu Bhattacharjee
Nexus Ventures
Mark Fernandes
Mark Fernandes
Sierra Ventures
Patrick Walsh
Patrick Walsh
Intel Capital


Focus on customer success and all else will follow

Customer success is at the heart of what we do and why we work. We transform our customers’ business by engaging with them to innovate faster. Building a cool product isn’t sufficient. Selling our product isn’t sufficient. Working together with our customers to achieve success in using ElasticBox – that’s what matters.

Solve problems at scale

We are believers in automation and making work more efficient. Just as our product delivers on this promise, we live and breathe this philosophy. We want to work smart, making processes and tasks repeatable and re-usable, freeing up time to innovate and attack new problems.

Build trust to win

At the heart of high-performance teams is trust, respect and integrity. We recognize that trust is built through authentic communication, commitment and follow-through. With a foundation of trust and an understanding of intention, we can debate, critique and improve ourselves and our output to win at whatever task is at hand.

Healthy bodies, healthy minds

Extraordinary results and high-levels of engagement require the body to be at its peak performance. We expect 100% plus commitment from employees and fuel this by encouraging a healthy lifestyle. We believe exercise and mental breaks are important and offer healthy food in the office and gym subsidies.

Lean toward action

Our customers are on a journey to truly operate with agility in the cloud, and there is no clear prescription to get there. We must be a collaborative partner to help our customers on their quest down unbroken paths. We must lean in, test fast, fail quickly and learn along the way. This requires us to be proactive, collaborative and lean into every opportunity to lead.


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